The Best Footballs – are they just full of air?

Which are the best Footballs to play or practice with? In this review I have decided to look into the most important piece of equipment in the game of Football or soccer – the ball. The best footballs- are they just full of air? Everything involved in the beautiful game revolves around the simplest of […]

The Football Dive – skill cheating or art?

I thought I would take a look at the Football Dive. This is a hot Football topic at the moment so I am asking myself  this important question is Diving in  Football a skill, cheating or art .  Is it a skill that can be learnt like any other football skill or is it just plain cheating? […]

THE COST OF FOOTBALL – when will the bubble burst?

  I have been thinking lately about the cost of football and when will the bubble burst? What do I mean by the bubble bursting you may be asking? Football pricing itself out of the reach of the loyal fan’s of the teams they worship and support and that they are emotionally involved with for life. […]