BECOME A MIDFIELD PLAYER IN SOCCER – 2 Drills To Improve Your Passing Game

How exactly do you become a midfield player in soccer – football?

This player takes up their position in the central third of the pitch for their team, between the defenders and the attackers.

Central midfielders provide a link between the different parts of the team.  Often known as the engine room of the team.

They support the attacking players and should be able to win the ball back and defend for the team too.

They should always be busy and running around during the game as they are in a position where the game is always flowing through them.

Of course there are different positions within the midfield area of the pitch.

The wide midfielder, plays in the wider parts of the pitch.

The holding midfielder stays in front of the defense, this player provides a screen for the defenders and provides extra cover for the defenders.

The play maker plays further forward in midfield behind the attacking players.  This player is usually very skillful and has the task of creating chance’s for the attackers.

The box to box midfielder is given the unenviable task of being a defensive player and a attacking player who scores goals and creates chances.



Their position in the centre of the pitch gives them a fantastic all-round view of the pitch.  These players often have the most effect on how a match goes.

The game is often won and lost in midfield and that is why you often hear Managers after a game saying the opposition midfielders dominated the game that’s why they won the game.

A good midfield player should have strong stamina and be very fit, they need to run more than most within the team.

You need to be comfortable on the ball and be able to pass the ball short or long to your team-mate.

As well as fitness they need to be adapt as tackling and wining the ball back for their team.

Depending on the teams tactics within a game, will reflect on how a midfielder is used for that game.

In the modern game many of the positions overlap so adaptability is another skill you need to learn.




This player is in advance of the other midfielders but behind the attacking strikers.  Also known as the play maker.

This player will be used in a team mainly as a creative attacking player.

This player is a link player between the team.  Your first thought needs to be attacking and get forward or get the team moving forward with a quality pass.

Another name for this position is the No 10.

Skills this player needs to be successful – they need to be very creative, have good vision of the surrounding play, have a quality touch (known as a deft touch), solid dribbling skills and their passing needs to be first class.  They also need to have the ability to shoot and score goals.


The Box to Box Midfielder.

This term of a footballing midfielder refers to a player who has the ability during a game to get from area (box) to the other area of the field (box). Going from defensive to attack. Being able to stop the opposition attacks and then burst forward and help out your own team in attack, try to help them score goals.


The defensive midfielder or holding midfielder is positioned in front of the Defenders, and is also known as the midfield anchor.  They are there to provide the defensive cover for the defenders.  A screen to stop the opposition before the ball gets to the attacking players.

You will need a very competitive nature and be a good communicator.  Hustling and moving in front of their own defenders and stopping the ball going any further forward.

You need to be able to talk to your team-mates as you might need to direct your other midfielders into different positions to help out the team.  For instance from a central area into a wide area to provide cover.

If the central defender steps forward into a more attacking position, the holding midfielder needs to have the ability to drop back into that central defensive position and provide cover for that player.

If  you are a fine long passer of the ball you can also be used as a defensive midfield role but also considered a deep laying play maker, as you can fire the ball forward quickly into the attacking players.

Key skills are: work rate, good positional sense, strong tackling ability, good passing skills, tight close ball control, and an excellent first touch.

You will be receiving the ball in high pressure areas on the pitch.  Make sure you concentrate and be ready for anything that the game throws at you.


1:The aim to improve your movement and close passing

Set up a smaller pitch 30 x 15 yards.  Set up 1 cones at either end of the small pitch.  This practice session uses 3 vs 3 players.

The aim is to get the ball moving forward quickly between the players around the smaller pitch, using only two touches. The aim is to keep moving off the ball quickly as possible.  As soon as you pass it you need to move and find space for your team-mate to find you.  This will concentrate the mind on improving your first touch.

You are playing in a smaller area so this will naturally help you with your control.  Always remember to pass and move, pass and move.  If you touch the ball more than two times, the other side gets the ball and it is their turn to keep passing.

The aim is to see how long you can keep the ball for with only using two touches.  If you keep the ball for more than 15 passes, then try to hit the cone at the end of the move while going forward, then give your team a point.

2: The aim is to get the holding midfielder knocking the ball long and getting your midfielders running onto the ball.

This involves using the full pitch.  Set 1 cone on the wide area on the centre line. midfield-tun-run

The wide player stands with his back to the centre line.  Then passes the ball into the holding midfield who is positioned just in front of the defense facing the wide player.  This player then spins and sets off running towards the cone.  The holding player should then kick the ball forward, first time aiming for the cone.

The wide player then runs onto the ball and keeps moving forward.

Keep switching the passing from the left to the right side of the pitch.

The closer the holding player can pass the ball to the cone the better their passing will become.



The midfield player in a football – soccer is vital for the team.  Providing a link between the team and helping the team to move from Defense into Attack, and from Attack back into Defense again.

There are many different positions a player can play within the midfield.  From a Holding Defensive position, to the wide area of the pitch, how about being a box to box midfielder or even a Creative attacking play-maker?

Whatever you decide you will be heavily involved within the game, so make sure you have good ball skills, and love to run about. Don’t be afraid to put in a tackle.  Make sure you use your voice and communicate with the team, as you are the link positions between the whole team.


Good luck at training and practice.

Will you be the next midfield General or perhaps Gascoigne, Ozil, Silva Or Kante?

Please leave me a comment and thoughts below on this topic.

Best wishes







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