Let’s take a look into Shooting football drills and ways at improving your power and accuracy in your shooting.

In football one of the best feelings you as a player can get is scoring a goal.  That feeling of utter joy as the ball flies into the back of the net.

All those hours of football shooting drills and skills learnt at training were worth all the effort as that moment happens and the thrill of scoring a goal comes true.  But how did this happen?

It all starts with learning the art of how to take a shot.  Then when you add power and accuracy to the shot, imagine how good this feels.

No matter what position you are playing, if you are on the pitch, the ball might fall to you in a scoring position.

Will you be ready to take the shot and score?

Here are some easy tips for you to practice and start becoming a goal machine.




These are the basic easy tips you need to improve your football skills when it comes to shooting.

When taking a shot, especially from a distance, always remember to keep your head down and over the ball.

This insures two things will happen:

  1. You will then be keeping your eye on the ball as you shoot
  2. You will also be keeping the ball down so that it goes underneath the crossbar and into the net and not high and wide

Start on the training pitch by practicing getting your body over the ball and make sure your chin is resting on your chest as you take the shot, with your eyes down looking at the football.  Hit the shot and only look up when the ball has left your foot.  This football skill seems simple, but without practicing it time and time again, your accuracy will not improve.

So get that head down and start shooting,



Your head is down, eyes on the football, you shoot  Your leg lifts back and moves in a forward motion.  The ball is struck.  This is where your next key element begins.

Letting your leg follow through the line of the shot.  Do not stop as you hit the ball.

This action reduces your power and will probably cause you to lose accuracy as well.

The movement should be natural, just like a golf swing, you follow through.  Your leg will probably go ahead of you – about 30 to 40 centimetres in the follow through.


The forward motion keeps the energy of your strike on the football, flowing with power and accuracy.

There is less chance of injury as you are not stopping half way through the natural motion of your leg movement.



Start with a football that is still and not moving.

Standing in the upright position, practice by placing your non shooting foot next to the side of the football.  Lock the ankle and bend the knee slightly.  Look up and aim at where you want the ball to go.

Then use your shooting leg to strike the football with the front of the foot.

Face the foot slightly downwards and straight, point the toes to the ground.

Aim your shooting foot to hit the middle of the ball.  Then strike the ball, remembering to keep your head over the ball.

Using the front of the foot will improve the power in your shooting, rather than using the inside or outside of the foot – they are more for placement.


Set up a target to hit time and time again  Use a 2 litre empty bottle of pop – this is a cheap option.  Leave some distance between yourself and the target – at least 5 metres.

Using a ball that is still, take aim and go for it.  Try hitting it 10 times in a row – or as many as you can.  See how far back you knock the bottle.

In the same starting position as I have described, with the ball still and standing straight, try using the inside of your foot like you are taking a free kick, head down, eyes on the ball.  Standing foot next to the ball, then lock your ankle.

Lift the shooting leg and strike the ball with this instep or side of the foot.  Remember to follow through again.  Your power will be reduced slightly but you should be able to place the shot better.


Set a target up as if you were aiming for the top middle and bottom corners of the goal.  Use a blank piece of A4 paper and stick it to the fence or wall.

If you want to be like Ronaldo, you should be hitting those targets every time.  This only comes with hours of practice.

Set yourself a challenge – hit it 5 times in a row and go from there.



This is one of the key things to remember in all football skills and drills.

If you keep watching the ball as you strike it, you will make a cleaner contact on the ball.  This means more accuracy on the shot and the ball actually going where you want it to go.

Too many players lift their head and look up when hitting the ball.  This causes you to lean back, which means the ball is likely to rise.  Probably way over the crossbar or wide of the post when you shoot.

How can you expect the ball to go in the direction you want it to if your not looking at it.



Firstly remember to keep your head down, body over the ball.  Keep your eye on the ball, aim for the middle of it.  Let your foot follow through once you have struck the ball.

These are the basic first easy football skills to start learning and practicing when you get going when it comes to shooting,

Remember to always have fun and keep leaning.  This is of course the beautiful game.

Get your boots on and practice, practice and more practice.

To score any goal is a fantastic feeling of course, but these days, after the ball hits the back of the net, most importantly then the  celebration begins.

So make sure you practice this.  Get creative because it needs to be your own.  Who knows one day you may be playing professionally and the World might get to see it.


Please leave me a comment below, and I welcome any feedback on this article or any other football questions you may have.





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    Great information and I like the idea.

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