BE A GOOD GOALKEEPER – Wear The Gloves With Pride

I am the goalkeeper

Wanting to be a good goalkeeper and to wear the gloves with pride is vital to the success of any football team so  one of the most important positions on the field is the number 1 position.

It is a specialized position in football as it’s the only position that you are allowed to use your hands.

They often say you must be mad to want to be a goalkeeper but I look at it like this, you must be a very special to want to be a goalkeeper because without you in the net, the game would not be the same.

Remember these greats goalkeepers of football Peter Shilton, Gianluigi Buffon, and Peter Schmeichel, the list is long.

Could you be the next great goalkeeper?

become a goalkeeper
become a goalkeeper


This is where it all begins for you as a keeper.

If you love football but think ” I may not be as good as all the other players with my feet” then use your hands is other option to keep on playing the beautiful game.

Yes you will need to think differently to outfield players but ultimately you are part of the same team.

At times, you will be training on your own or with the other goalkeepers, that is just because the skill set you need is different to the outfield players.

If you think you are good with your hands, have good ball to eye coordination, and are a little mad.

Then this is just the position for you.  Time to get the gloves on.



1: Be aware:

Being a goalkeeper you are in the perfect position on the field of play.  You have the whole of the game in front of you.

If you stay aware during a game at all times, then you are in control. You are aware of where your teammates are, where the ball is and can see what the opposition are trying to do.

2:Stay on your toes:

When the opposition is moving into attacking positions, get into the habit of staying on your toes.  It should become automatic if you keep doing this at training.

What this does for you is it changes the energy into a more ready and alert mode.  To start with bounce up and down a few times, then stand up tall, and shift your weight forward slightly while you are on your toes


3: Make yourself big:

You want to impose yourself on the opposition.  Make them notice you.

They need to be thinking it’s going to be difficult to get the ball past you to score.

Spread your arms as wide as they can go.  Stand up straight and tall.

Get on those toes again.  Bounce up and down.

Get this into your head automatically, so as soon as you walk out onto the pitch you are looking to make yourself look as big as you possibly can.



This will come with fitness and training.  It is a vital part of a goalkeepers training.

As you will become used to being the goalkeeper, you will find you are not always involved in the game, so at times the mind tends to wonder to all sorts of things.

What you need to remember is a goal can be scored in an instant, a second.

If you are thinking about what pizza you are going to be eating later, and not on the game, then before you know it you will be picking the ball out of the net.

There are many ways these days of things you can do to improve your concentration, I like to use juggling, 3 balls for 5 minutes every day, in my spare time.

Do this for a few weeks and watch your concentration go through the roof.



Being vocal during training and matches is a huge skill to learn.

It’s not all about screaming and shouting.

Like I said earlier you are in a great position on the field to see the whole game, so use this.

You can talk to your own teammates and tell them where to move to, to drop off, push out. They will appreciate this.

If defenders feel you are in control, then watch how much more confidence this gives them.

It all starts in training so make sure you get use your voice from the first moment.

make the save
make the save



All week goalkeepers work hard at technique, getting yourself in the perfect position, fitness and eliminating their weaknesses, and so on.

Working hard at being the best they can be, but I always say to them, ultimately when it comes to a game situation, no matter how –   just make the save.  It doesn’t always have to look pretty.

Your aim it to stop the goals from going in so that’s what you must do.

After the match you can always analyse how you could have saved it with your gloves differently.  At least you saved it!

Always be proud of the shot that hits your left elbow or your backside and goes away from danger.











What does the no 1 mean to you?

To me it means top of the charts, the best golfer in the world etc. The highest you can go.

That’s what you should be thinking when you get given the no 1 shirt.

I am the best, there is no better number.

When you put that shirt on, get that thought straight into your head and wear the gloves with pride.


You have decided I want to be a goalkeeper.  You will be joining a very specialised group of players.

A vital part of any football team.

Remember to start with the basics be aware, stay on your toes, make yourself big, concentrate and communicate.

Simple skills that will stick with you and help you to keep improving your game.

Get ready to go and get those gloves and join what is known as the goalkeepers union.  A group of players who will always look out for each other.

You are the No 1 now, so get ready to be the best.

Good luck

I would love to hear from you.  Any comments and thoughts are most welcome.  Please leave comments below.  Let’s keep the football discussion going.

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Yours football madly

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