Best Goalkeeper Gloves – to protect your hands


If you want to be a number one and play in goal then you will need the best goalkeeper gloves to help you get there.

Picture this you are standing in between the posts, the oppositions striker has fired a shot towards you, it seems to be flying at you at 100 miles a hours, you say to yourself get your hands in the way no matter what , just keep them from scoring.

You put your hands up to make the save and they are bare, no gloves on. You may make the save but guess what?

A nice red mark on the hands is bound to happen. You think to yourself it’s cold and I wish I had a decent pair of gloves on to protect my hands.

As the goalkeeper your hands will be precious commodities to you.

Ask yourself are they worth protecting, during a match or at practice?

best goalkeer gloves







What types of gloves are there?

Flat  –  these are easy fitting gloves manufactured to fit all sizes. They fit flat on the hand with comfort and ease.

Finger rollthe latex is rolled around the fingers giving goalkeepers a seamless grip on the ball. The cushioning on this glove make it a good fit.

Negative cut – this is the preferred choice of over 80% of goalkeepers all over the world. The seam is sewn on the inside of the glove. The seams run around the fingers but on the inside. The gloves fit closer to the fingers and is perfect for ball control.



Why play in goal?

This is a very specialised position within a football team.

You are one of only two players on the football field who is allowed to use their hands to touch the ball.  The other player is of course the opposition goalkeeper.

We are seeing more and more in football that playing in the goalkeeping position, and being good at it, is vital to the success of any football team.

Record transfer fees are being paid by football clubs for the ideal player to play between the posts.

The reason given used to be it was for the players who were not really good with their feet.

Not the case these days as all goalkeepers need to pass out from the back with either foot.

If you like to stand out from the crowd, like to take charge, have good communication skills and are a little bit mad, then then that is why you should play in goal, it will fit your skill set.

These are all skills that you can learn, so I would not worry about it if you think you don’t possess them but still would like to give it a go and play in goal.

best goalkeper gloves







Goalkeeper glove sizes


         Size –   range –   age

  •   4-5 – small child – 6- 8 years
  •   6-7 –  large child – 9-12 years
  •   7 1/2-8  – youth –  13 years
  •   8 1/2-9 – medium –  senior
  •   9 1/2-10 – large –  senior
  •   10 1/2- 11 – extra large – senior
  •   11 1/2-12 – extra extra large – senior
  •   4-5 – small child – 6- 8 years
  •   6-7 – large child – 9-12 years
  •   7 1/2-8 –  youth –  13 years

Please note the above guide is based on an average size and should only be used as a guide.


Why wear gloves?

You will look cool with them on for a start but mostly they are worn to protect your hands when you make a save, or stick to your hands when you reach up to make a catch.

Are all gloves the same?

No in a word. They are made by different manufacturers with vigorous testing done on them for specific purposes. They are made in many different sizes and shapes to fit all different hand sizes.  They are made in pairs as you will be needing gloves for your left and right hand.  They are made for wet conditions, dry conditions, hard balls and soft balls.

If you find the right pair that is perfect for you, then come match day when you slide them on, you know in your mind with confidence that today I am going to keep the opposition out and not let in any goals. That is what a top pair of goalkeeping gloves can do for you.

You also want to buy a pair of gloves that are going to last you more than a couple of games, so it is important to buy some that are made with quality. You need to get used to them on your hands when you play so you can grow in confidence as a goalkeeper.

What about the price?

Again that depends on what you are looking for as they can range from the very cheap to the ridiculously expensive.

Which is better?

Too cheap may fall apart easily and paying over the top may be ok if you think you could make it as a professional. Go for the pair you think would look best on you, priced somewhere in the middle and you have probably got it right.

Like everything in life you have a huge choice so I have decided to do another professional review for you and to look into this, then to pick out the best ones I can find to try and make your life easier so your can simply select one pair and get on with playing in goal and being the best number one for your team.

Tip 1:  always remember to choose gloves that are suitable for the level of play you are at.

Tip 2:  make sure the glove fits and is the right size for your hands.


check out this cool video below on how to choose the best goalkeeper gloves.

Here is my review that I have put together of the best goalkeeping gloves

Best goalkeeper gloves- men’s

  1. Nike men’s grip 3 goalkeeper gloves

>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £65.04++<

Size: 8/ 9

Colour:  Grey/Total orange/black

By Nike

You will find this glove enhances and gives excellent grip and provides you with  ultimate control of the football. This glove has the recognisable  swoosh design on it, and the 3mm latex foam design it is made with helps with the grip on the ball in all conditions.


2.  Reusch Men’s Sera Thor RG Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves, Men, Serathor RG Finger Support

>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon here priced from £32.99++<

Size: 9.5 –  10  – 10.5

5 star customer reviews rating

Colour:  Dazzling blue/safety yellow

By Reusch

This glove gives your finger support to protect the fingers when you make a save. It has soft latex material build into the glove for comfort and feels light when you wear this glove. It is an entry level glove with good abrasion and cushioning properties to make you feel in control of the football.



>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon here priced from £42.99++<

Size: 8.5 –  9.5 – 10  – 10.5 –  11

Colour:  Multi coloured black/blue/white

By Uhlsport

The backhand of this glove is made with soft latex but has no extended palm.  When you wear this glove you will find it  is made to give you absolute grip on the ball.


4.  Adidas Ace trans fingersave pro soccer goalkeeper gloves


>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £ 279.98++<

Size: 9

Colour: black/blue

by Adidas

These gloves are designed and made with specially engineered zones to help with maximizing your performance. They are super comfortable and have excellent grip control. The fingers are designed to resist pressure when pushed backwards. They also have specially cut contact areas for all catching motions.


Best goalkeeper gloves – unisex

5.  Nike Mercurial Touch Elite PRO Glove, Unisex Football – Adult, Yellow/Black


>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £134.18++<

Size: 9 – 10

Colour: yellow/ black

By Nike

. If you are looking at playing at a high level of football take a look at these gloves.  These gloves are made with a breathable design and are designed for elite performance


6.Adidas Predator Pro WC Telstar Goalkeeper Gloves, Unisex, CW5609, red/black

>++CLICk HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £105.45++<

Size: 9(eu) –  10 –  11

Colour: black/red

By adidas


7.  Uhlsport eliminator soft pro gloves, unisex, handschuhe eliminator soft pro


>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £14.99++<

Size 7 –  8 –  9 –  10 –  10.5 –  11

Colour: white/black/energy blue

By Ulhsport

Again these gloves are made with soft latex for greater comfort. They are made with a flat palm. They are made for for a good size fit on all hands.


8.  Ho enigma gen8, unisex adult goalkeeper gloves, unisex adult


>++ CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £35.54++<

Size: 7 –  7.5  – 8 –  8.5  – 9 –  9.5 –  10  – 10.5 –  11

Colour: orange

by Ho

These gloves give you a Great grip and are made for impact absorption when you make a save.  They have a negative flex zone on the thumb and a foam latex on the reverse.


Best goalkeeper gloves for children

9.  Uhlsport Eliminator soft plus Children’s Gloves


++ CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £21.99++<

Size: 4(eu) – 4/5 – 7/5(eu) – 8

Colour:  multi/coloured white/red/black

By Uhlsport

These are entry class, multi coloured, goalkeeping gloves.  Designed specifically for children learning to play in goal.  They are made by Uhlsport who always make quality products.  These gloves have a soft latex feel to them for comfort.  Customers who have bought these gloves give them a 5 star rating


10.  Adidas predator training children’s goalkeeper gloves


>++ CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £17.96++<

Size: 8

Colour:  yellow  bright yellow/dark grey/flash orange

Customer reviews give these gloves a 5 star rating.

By Adidas

These gloves provide grip safety in all weather conditions, thanks to the Soft grip latex coated material they are designed with. You will feel the positive cut they are made for a perfect fit perfect and comfort. They are delivered speedily and in their own bag.


11.  Nike GK JR match-fa16 goalkeeper unisex children’s

>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon priced from £18.99++<

Size: 4

Colour:  white/racer pink/black

Free UK delivery for orders dispatched over £20

By Nike

Gloves that are well padded on the palms and fingers for you,  and have stitching on inside of the glove that is built to last. Strong well made and colourful gloves that will catch your eye.

12.  Pro touch children’s force 500 pg goalkeeper gloves


>++CLICK HERE to buy these gloves from amazon prices from £16.21++<

Sizes: 5 –  6 –  7

Colour: neon orange/yellow/ black

Eligible for free UK delivery

By Reusch

If you are looking for a good training glove then try this one. It is made with a coloured palm with super soft latex to help with a  good grip when catching the football.  These gloves are made with 6 different materials.


A safe pair of hands

I hope this review helps you out and made  being able to choose the best goalkeeping gloves for you a little bit easier. Always remember that the gloves you choose must feel comfortable for you, they must fit and do what they are meant to do, which is help you make the save, make the ball stick to your hand and give you the confidence to distribute the ball with a throw out to your team mates with accuracy.

Being a goalkeeper is fun and you can grab all the newspaper headlines so get practicing and good luck. Let’s hope we see you in goal soon and everyone says what a safe pair of hands you have for a goalkeeper.

If you have a view or any thoughts on this topic please leave me a comment below.

Best wishes


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16 thoughts on “Best Goalkeeper Gloves – to protect your hands

  1. Thank you for the gloves reviews. My brother is a soccer (football) fanatic. He has his own little league and go play against other teams. When i was little he made me into a goal keeper all the time! I only love that ball lol I am sure your post can be useful to my brother’s team.

    Happy Holidays

    1. hi Nuttanee

      Thank you for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed the review.  It’s good to know there are other football fanatic’s, just like your brother out there. Good luck to your brothers team.

      Best wishes

  2. That’s a comprehensive and thorough article. I enjoy playing football but didn’t really know much about the types of gloves used by goal keepers. I guess it’s because I’m not much interested in the goal keeping. I don’t like being confined within a section of the pitch but admires the flair to exhibit your skills not only with your foot but body as well. Being able to run and move around the whole pitch is something the goal keeper can’t have except he want the team to be scored. This is the reason why I wouldn’t want to keep the ball. 

    Do you think the flat type of gloves is suitable for a match? I perceive that one would have more feedback from shots if used. Good collection of gloves. Thanks for the info

    1. HI DerrAd

      Yes you certainly do need to have a different mind set to play in goal. Some players do like to run around the pitch more, where as playing in goal it is more about your concentration levels and doing the right thing at the right time when called into action. For a match glove you are looking for a glove with suitable padding in the fingers and back of the glove, for maximum protection.

      Thank you for the kind comments and I so pleased you enjoyed the review.

      Good luck and Best wishes

  3. Thanks Matthew, for this post. I am not a footballer but I use gloves a lot. It really interesting to know that gloves come in different types such as flat, finger roll and negative cut types. Football gloves seem to perfectly protect the hands, I know they are designed to catch the ball, can they be used for other purposes? 

    1. Hi Juliet. Thank you for your message.

      Goalkeeper gloves are designed specifically for this purpose they are not really meant to be used for other sporting activities. It is surprising how many different types of gloves there are when you decide to look at which are the best. I find it fascinating when people say they are not into football but then love it when the decide to give it a go and start playing the beautiful game. lol. 

      Good luck and take care

      Best wishes

  4. The Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip RF gloves look amazing. Goalkeeper has always been my favorite position to play and I have been there and done that without a good pair of gloves to protect my hands. No thank you to doing that again. In your opinion, is there a best overall or are these pretty comparable to each other, it just depends on your preference?

    1. Hi steve

      There are so many well made gloves out there at the moment it is very difficult to choose an ultimate best one. It simply comes down to your preference and what you feel comfortable wearing. The gloves should do what you want them to do, for example if you want the ball to stick in wet conditions, or have more protection if you like to punch the ball away.

      Thank you for taking the time to message me

      Good luck and best wishes.

  5. Wow I didn’t know there are 3 types of goal keeper gloves, no wonder I keep slipping the ball whenever I try catch them. Guess mine would best suit the finger roll, or the other way around lol as I like to catch and throw it fast to confuse the opponent’s team. Which glove type do you use?

    1. Hi Riaz.

      Thank you for the message. If you were using the wrong gloves then with no grip on them the that is why the ball would have slipped from you hands. never mind hope it didn’t cause you to let in too any goals.  If you were surprised how many different gloves there are to choose from then wait until you want to find a new pair of boots, now that can be a mind field. My playing days are long gone, now I just talk a good game.

      Take care and best wishes

  6. Thanks for this goalkeeper glove review. I’m a lover of football but I don’t play football again. I may play again if I’m chanced and the role I will like to play is goalkeeper. I play basketball so its very easy for me to catch big ball from any angle so I think I can use that as an advantage as a goal keeper. To be a great goal keeper one needs a good hand glove that can help you do the job nicely. A good team without a good and confident goal keeper is bad.  Such team cannot go far. Personally I will put in mind some of the important information you have put in this when ever I want to return to active football as a goalkeeper. I’m the number one. Smiles. 

    1. Hi Tsquare

      Cool message thank you for sending it.  I know nothing about playing basketball but I assume like a football goalkeeper, you would still need to be good at using your hands, these sports may have a lot in common. You are correct the goalkeeper is becoming a very important player and worth a lot of money to a football team. Without a decent keeper the team would concede far to many goals.

      Take it easy and good luck to you

      Best wishes

  7. Hey Matthew,

    Really a good informative review on how to choose a good pair of foot ball gloves.  I like football and it’s really a thrilling experience to watch a football match.

    Goal keeper needs to protect his hands and that should be the first priority for a goal keeper.  You also describes very well in the review different aspects why a good pair of gloves is needed and how to choose one.

    What I found interesting is how you mention that a top pair of goal Keeping gloves can boost your mental status.


    1. Hi Shubhangi

      Firstly thank you for leaving me a comment that was very kind of you.

       I am pleased you found the article interesting and informative. It is very important for a goalkeeper to have a strong mind as they may not be involved in the game sometimes but when they need to make a save they need to be ready for action. Who knows when they may need to save a penalty or shout at one of the defenders.

      Having the correct gloves on and a pair you feel comfortable with is vital for any goalkeeper.

      Good luck to you

      Best wishes

  8. Thank you for sharing with us this great post on best goalkeeper gloves.My son is in football team where he is a goalkeeper during the holidays and he was asking to look for good gloves because that he is using are not good at all.

    I think  Adidas predator training children’s goalkeeper glove will be good for him.

    I am in a good place where I find everything I want without leaving my place.

    1. Hi Juilenne

      Thank you for the comment it is very kind.

      It is important that your son chooses the right size glove for his hands. Check out the guide table within the article for age and appropriate sizes

      Adidas gloves are well made as they have a good quality a fell about them.

      I do hope your son keeps playing the beautiful game of soccer as it is good for fitness and social skills

      good luck to you and best wishes

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