football-bootsI often wonder if choosing the right football boots is a real football skill itself and would help football players play better because they would be wearing  the correct pair of  football boots .

Lets ask the questions.. Could choosing the right boot be the most important decision a footballer ever makes? Is this a real football skill?

Would they be able to cope with modern day football without them?

What did they use when football began all those years ago, were they bare-footed?

No footballer in the game today would dare to run onto the field with no boots on.

Is this just due to marketing and advertising or do they really improve our skills, tricks and make us perform better during a game and at training?


As early as the year 1526, when King Henry v111 of England had a pair of football boots made for him, or beginning of the 19th century, when football became more popular, people would kick a ball about.

They had work boots on, the heavy leather, ankle high, steel top cap ones. I imagine they were pretty difficult to move about in, let alone kick a ball

This was probably a necessity as the ball was made of heavy leather, with laces running down the middle of it. Kicking it with the bare foot would have been painful.

It has always been the case that some form of boot was worn in football, so the bare foot was never needed.

Football became more competitive and the boot became part of the game, a must wear item for players.


In the 1950s Adidas made boots with studs that interchange, so if the weather changed a player could swap them over from dry conditions to wet weather conditions.

The boots also became smaller and lighter, giving the player a better feel when kicking the ball.

Then in the 1970s colour was introduced to the boot. What a treat for players they could forget about the boring black boot and choose a colour. Even plain white!

Moving on to the 1980s the boots were designed to give the player more comfort and better performance. Puma and Copa Mundial were the makers producing the most boots for players.

The 1990s was when the big change happened for the football boot. Players started to get paid by sponsors to wear their product, and we know how money talks for footballers.

This decade also produced the famous boot know as the Predator.  Nike was also a big name in the football boots world too.

The 2000s have arrived and colour and comfort together with a massive concentration of improving the studs of the boot. This gives the player more movement and control. With technology improving all the time, players could now start custom designing the way they want their boots to look.

What will the future boot bring?

Well if the manufactures keep using the modern technology then the sky is the limit.

Boots that change colour when you run.  Could they have a chip inside them that gives the all the information about how accurate their passing was during a game?  If you can think it they are probably working on it now.

Exciting times ahead.


Yes there is one of those too, but at least with this one you don’t wear it on your foot!

It might be even heavier than those olden day work boots, if you could play in it.

It is actually a trophy given to the top goal scorer in the World Cup.

Rest assured with all the money floating about in football these days someone will no doubt want a pair for real to play in.


That is the question. No one knows for sure.  I guess it comes down to personal preference.


Here are 3 of possible the best ever made. My choice includes:

1:Nike Tiempo Premier– made in 1994

Famously, 10 players wore this boot during the World Cup final that year, in the USA.

It is a superb boot for reliability, comfort and design. It’s studs were designed so that you could wear it in any position on the field.



2:Adidas Predator – made in 1994

This is the iconic boot was the one that made the name and legend for the Predator boot.

There had been nothing like this boot before.

It was made from leather, had a fold over tongue, it also had rubber strips at the front which meant you could get more spin adidas-preditor-bootand grip on the ball.

This boot was that good it survived being made until 2015.




3:Puma Kings– made in 2011

This was launched as Puma’s top of the range boot.

They had been making boots for a long time, with a classic style and glove like comfort.

This boot elevated those previous boots a notch but also retains the fold over tongue on top of the laces, the gold trim, and the soft leather.


If you want a classic boot that looks stylish and does the job, then this one is for you.






From the early days until now football players have never played competitively in bare feet. So there must be something in the brain that tells us to do this besides it looking cool.

Yes the boot has evolved like everything else in life.

From heavy work boots to the modern day boot that fits like a glove on your feet.

The way the boots are designed these days they can make a huge difference in your skill set.

Grip traction, pace power, and accuracy, just some skills that could be improved with your choice of the right boot.

In my opinion this certainly is a skill.  There is so many boots to choose from these days. If they fit comfortably, are a reasonable price, look smart, then go for that pair.

One day you could be playing in a pair of the latest Predators with all the bells and whistles on them like the professionals, but for now keep it simple.

There is nothing like the thrill of getting your boots on knowing you are about to play a game of football.

Please can you leave me a comment below regarding this topic.

Yours football madly.







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  1. I enjoyed the post and found it informative. Introduction, content and conclusion was well prepared. The pictures associated with the post made it an attractive read. My only observation was the menu bar. I do not want to go to ‘Home’ to find all the posts but recommend that you create additional menu titles eg. Football Gear and then find posts like boots and gloves below this menu title. Well done and keep up the great work.

    1. thank you for the excellent comments.
      I am working hard on getting my home page right, a lot to learn.
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