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Here are some simple basic fitness and exercises that you can use with a soccer ball, for a fun way to get healthier. With some useful tips along the way to staying fit and feeling better about yourself. Simply by using a Football and yourself ( or with a friend)

Hi Matthew here from easy football skiils.
I would like to personally welcome you back to our website or greetings to you if this is your first time here. It’s fantastic to have you onboard. Today I will be showing you how to get your basic fitness back. There may be a few secret tips along the way just for you, so stick with it, it’s kick off time.

 soccer fitness training with a ball!

I would like to talk to you today about how to use a Football to stay fit and well.
Why would I stress the importance of getting fit and healthy to you?

The simple answer is your health and wellbeing should be near the top of your lifestyle priorities.
Feeling fit and healthy gives both our bodies and our mind a boost.
In a nutshell we feel great and generally have a smile on our faces.
Football is fun and when you exercise with something that is fun it does not feel like exercise.

Who knows you could loose a few inches of your waistline and see a few kilo’s off the scales when you next climb onto them. A win-win all round. Without the slog of running a Marathon.

This is all you will need, a ball and some outdoor space.

Exercising with friends is always better as you tend to have a laugh so if you can, I recommend doing this friends. That said, I like to exercise by myself as I feel I can do all the things I want to without the distractions of my friends talking more than exercising:) Confusing I know so it’s up to you!

Secret tip one:

Always remember to warm up before you exercise so you avoid any unnecessary injuries. The warm up helps prepare your body for more strenuous exercises to follow. Start the warm up of slowly and increase the pace of it as you go on. Warm ups should last no more than five to ten minutes.

7 Warm up tips:

1: the idea is to get warmed up. The old static stretches where you are stood or sat still with your muscle fixed in a certain position for 20/30 seconds could actually end up giving you an injury. 

2: use dynamic stretches instead, example while walking swing your arms about in circles. 

3: lunges work the legs

4: jumping jacks get the blood moving fast to all areas

5: squats make it a liitle bit more intense on the legs

 6: don’t skip the warm up it allows the blood to start flowing through your body.

 7: warm up correctly and this means you are ready for the exercises that are ahead.

Here we go some basic fun exercise with the ball!


Keepie uppies!

  • keep the ball up in the air without letting it drop onto the floor.
  • Use both feet, move the ball from one foot to the other. It’s called ” keepie upies”
  • The aim is to get to 50 that is 25 with each foot.The more you can do the better your skills will improve and your legs will become stronger.
  • Your ball to foot coordination and concentration levels will rocket if you do this for a few minutes every day

Knees up!

  • Now add your knees into the previous move so its up to 4 moves from one foot to a knee, then the other foot to the other knee.
  • Left foot to left knee, then right foot to right knee.
  • Again try and reach 50 moves without letting the ball touch the ground.
  • You can use any combination, either foot to either knee, it does not really matter.

 The ball is on the floor!

  • Drop the ball onto the ground in front of yourself.
  • Now lay down flat facing the ground.
  • Hold the ball in your hands out infront of your head, lift the ball upwards towards the sky, move only your arms, reach up as far as you can go then bring the ball back down to the ground.
  • The aim of this exercise to build the core strengh in your back.
  • If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise then lift your legs upwards at the same time you lift your arms up.
  • You want to do 5 repetitions of ten counts each. So do it ten times then stop for 5 seconds then do this again, repeat 5 times.

Sit up!

  • In the sitting upright position on the floor, like you would be rowing.
  • put the ball inbetween your feet.
  • lift your knees towards your chest, then push your legs out infront of yourself towards the ground.
  • Keep the ball between your feet and try not to let it go.
  • This again is building up your stomach muscles and your core strength.
  • 5 repetitions of these moves and ten times in a repetition.

Into the standing position!

  • stand up right with the ball on the ground.
  • Run on the spot lifting your legs knee high make sure you touch the top of the ball on the way down.
  •  You want to do 60 second bursts and then stop for 10 seconds. Then go again.
  •  At lest 5 repetitions.

You should be all warmed up by now, you should start to feel the first signs of a sweat appearing.

A gentle run for fun!

It’s time to start running with the ball at your feet or walking if your not fit enough use your strongest foot first and pass it from one foot to the other. You want to go about 20 metres, then stop. then go another 20 metres then stop again, on so on .

Try and do this as if you were running the length of a football field, then turn around and come back to where you started. The aim is to keep the ball right infront of you, do not kick it far ahead of yourself.

its all about close ball control and concentrating on being in control of the football.

Great for concentration levels and increasing your fitness levels.

If you don’t feel confident using both feet then just use either your left or right foot. so long as you are moving with the ball at your feet then you are on your way to a healthier you.

Do this regulary and watch your basic skill levels go to another level.

Secret tip two:

Aways remember to warm down, the same principles apply to the warm up but this time you can do thing at a much slower pace. The aim is to cool your body down after exercise. This should prevent any injuries and keep you in tip top shape for your next workout.


Release the happy brain chemical!

There are not many ways in life where we can feel good and happy about ourselves but one way to get those happy chemicals flowing though your brian is to exercise. It might not feel like it at the time but after exercise you will find a spring in your step and generally feel in a better mood.

Why not get outside and try it.

Our bodies were built to exercise so give it what it needs.

I hope you have some of those tips useful and easy to apply.
You should have come to realise that you can use a simple football to have some fun and get fit.
These exercises will get your body moving and that means you are getting oxygen into your blood stream.
Health and fitness will follow if you stick at it.
Thank you for reading these basic tips to fitness and exercise and staying fit using a football.

What did you think to this exercise routine?

Would you use it to start to build your finess back up?

How do you think I could improve on this fitness routine for future posts about health and fitness.

Please me with any questions and thoughts in the comment box below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Secret tip three:

Always pack a water bottle and fill it with water. If you feel too tired. Take a break and drink some fluid. Dehydration is a big no no when undertaking exercise.


Good luck and stay fit and healthy

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Dominic · 24/05/2019 at 8:24 am

Thanks for all the football exercises you have listed here, Matthew. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone in my circle of friends who knows how to football, so I would have to do it myself for the time being. A huge thank you also for giving some warm up tips that work well with the sport. You see, I’m the guy who plays sports without getting into warm-up first, which is a risky move for me.

My problem is, I’m obese and my stamina is short so I might struggle with your exercises at first. Any advice for me who’s physically challenged? Can I still have fun playing the game?

    Matthew Hofman · 24/05/2019 at 9:09 am

    Hi Dominic. Yes the game of soccer is for everyone so you can definitely play it.  

    The key if you are unfit is to set yourself small fitness goals and then to take action on them. Without the action nothing changes.  Start with walking every day for 15 minutes for 1 week. The 2nd week do the same again but increase the speed slightly with your walking. Do this same routine for 4 weeks and you will feel good within yourself. After that I would introduce gentle jogging into the walking routine. The aim here is to lift your heart rate.every day you’ve jog a little further until you are running the full 15 minutes, now you are on your way. For anyone who is not in  the best shape fitness wise a mindset change needs to happen.  This is a marathon not a sprint to a healthier you. 

    If you can get to a running stage then using the football will make exercising more fun. 

    If you need more fitness tips just ask me. 

    Thank you the kind message. 

    Take care and good luck with the exercising. 

RoDarrick · 24/05/2019 at 8:19 am

Nice tips to get things running. I’m a futsal football player though not professional and I really like to keep fit before or after matches. Though I know of most of the training drills stated here. They are cool. I did learn through the post because I think I’ve been getting some tips wrongly during practice before but I’ve been enlightened better now. Thanks

    Matthew Hofman · 24/05/2019 at 9:17 am

    Hello RoDarrik. That’s amazing that you will take these easy fitness and exercise tips onboard and try then. Please get back in touch with me and let me know how you got on with them. 

    If you need any other fitness or exercise help just give me a shout. 

    Best wishes and good luck getting fitter 😀

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