Football quiz questions – about the Champions League

Everyone loves a quiz so here are some football quiz questions for fans of the beautiful game all about the Champions League for you to rack your brains with and test your football knowledge on.

With the latter stages of the Champions Lague upon us once again, I have decided to test your football knowledge specificially about the Champions League.

This competition has become the biggest stage for any footballer to play on, with the exception of the World Cup, but how well do you know the Champions League?

Why this competition become so popular is because it was originally set up for in all of the respective European Countries to test their football skills and play against the best from all other European Countries.

Clubs could then hold the title as the best in Europe when they won the trophy.

As a top player your goal and aim should always be to play against the best to see how good you really are.

The number of teams playing for the top prize has increased and so has the amount of money the individual club can win. This means greater competition for all. The standards are raised every year and so the viewing audiences have soared to new levels.

Every top club is striving to get in it, and then to go as far as they can with the dreams of lifting the coverted trophy.

My scoring system is as follows

  • Points are on offer for each question
  • There is a total of 30 points up for grabs
  • No prizes are on offer as I am adhearing to the fair play rules and need to watch my expenses.
  • No cheating (spy-gate) allowed with the exception of google yahoo or bing searches.

Note : A pen and paper may be required to write down your answers and your points total.

All about the Champions League!

Question 1  – (for 1 point)

How many Champions League hat tricks has Lionel Messi scored?

Question 2 –  (for 2 points)

How many times have the giants of the German League Bayern Munchen won the Champions League and how many times have they been runners up?

Question 3 –  (for 1 point)

clue for Q 3

In what Country and in what stadium was the 2016 Champions League final held ?





Question 4 – (for 3 points including parts A & B)

What weight is the  trophy?

Question 4A

How tall is the trophy?

Question 4B

What is the trophy made from?

Question 5 – (for 2 points)
Who has scored the most goals ever in the history of Champions League and how many has he scored?

Question 6 – (for 1 point)

clue for Q 6

Which player has the most appearances in Champions League history?








Question 7 – (for 1 point)

What year did Real Madrid win their first ever Champions League?

Question 8 –  (for 1 point)

Which Liverpool F.C. player won man of the match in the classic 3-3 draw with AC Milan in 2005 Champions league Final?

Question 9 – (for 1 point)

Which three players have been sent off in the final of the Champions League?

Question 10 –  (for 1 point)

Which three Managers have won the Champions League trophy 3 times each?

Question 11 – (for 1 point)

Which club have been runners up in the Champions League the most times?

This is half time in our quiz!

“Go Grab youself a cup of tea and a biscuit”

Question 12 – (for 1 point)

clue for Q 12

Who is the Legendary Italian player who had won the Champions League trophy 5 times?








Question 13 – (for 1 point)

In the 1994/1995 Champion League Final Ajax won the game 1-0 but which team did they beat to win the game ?

Question 14 – (for 1 point)

How many teams currently play in the Champions League?

Question 15 –  (for 3 points)

Which two teams contested the first final in the Parc de princes stadium Paris who won and what was the score?

Question 16 – (for 1 point)

Where is the 2019 Champion League final going to be held

Question 17 – (for 1 point)

What was the Champions League known as up untill 1992?

Question 18 –  (for 1 point)

Do the  winners of the Champions League for that season automatically qualify for next season competition?
Yes or No answer here.

Question 19 – 
 (for 1 point)

In what year did the only final between two English Clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea take place?

Question 20  – (for 1 point)

Where was that final held in 2007/2008

Question 21 – (for 1 point)

How many Champions League hat tricks has Christiano Ronaldo scored?

Question 22 – (for 1point)

Which is the only team to have reached 3 finals without ever winning the Champions League  trophy ?

Question 23 – (for 1 point)

picture clue for Q 23Which stadium has hosted the Champions League final 7 times?






Question. 24 – (for 1 point)

Who are the current holders of the Champions League trophy?


How many points did you score ?Champions League trophy

30 points and a full house . Champions League winner

25-29 points –  the runners up spot in the final

20-25 it’s last 4 place and the semi finals for you

15-19 you made the quarter finals well done

Under 19  it’s the qualifying and taking part that counts.

All answers subject to change due to the ongoing nature of the competition.

Any queries and complaints and this quiz please go to the 15th floor. Lifts out of order please take the stairs 🙂

If you enjoyed this quiz please leave me a comment below.

Thank you for taking part.

Mathew @ easyfootballskills


Answers to the football quiz:

Question 1 – 8 / Question 2 – 5 & 5   / Question 3 – Millinium Stadium Cardiff  / Question 4 – 11 kgs /  A 74 cms / B Silver Question 5 – Christiano Ronaldo 126 / Question 6 – Iker Casillas  /  Question 7 – 1956 /   Question 8  – Steven Gerard /  Question 9 – Jens Legmann, Dider Drogba, Cudrado Question 10 – Bob Paisley, Carlo Ancelotti, Zinedine Zidane /    Question 11 – Juventus 7 / Question 12 – Paolo Maldini / Question 13 AC Milan – Question 14 – 32 teams  /    Question 15 – real Madrid vs Reims – Real Madrid won 4-3  / Question 16  – Athletico Madrid Estadio Metropolitano (spain)   /    Question 17  – European Champions Clubs Cup or better know as the European Cup / Question 18  yes / Question 19 07/08 / Question 20 -Luzhniki Stadium Moscow / Question 21 – 8  / Question  – Athletcio Madrid / Question 23 Wembley Stadium In London United Kindom / Question 24 – Real Madrid

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2 thoughts on “Football quiz questions – about the Champions League

  1. Well this quiz certainly cheered me up after the nightmare I had to sit through last night – I’m a Liverpool supporter and to see us smash Barcelona and still end up losing three nil was hard to take…

    Anyway, I managed to get 25 of your questions on offer here correct, the Lionel Messi one was one I got wrong (but I’m not bothered about that this morning!!!!). 

    Great quiz by the way – some really interesting questions that had me stumped! 🙂

    1. Hi Chris great comments. I will let you into a little secret I to am a Liverpool fan too. You can find me on twitter @hmatf. 

      It didn’t go our way last night. We played well but Mr Messi is in a different league 🙂

      Never give up the second leg is still to be played. 

      Thank you for taking the time out to do  the football quiz. 

      If I get a good response to this one I will look at producing some more football quiz questions. 

      Take care 

      Best wishes to you. 

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