IS IT CALLED FOOTBALL OR SOCCER? – The 11 player soccer positions.

Why do I call the game football and not soccer?  What are the 11 player soccer positions?  These are two questions I keep getting asked.

The simple answer is it depends on what part of the world you live in.  Essentially it is exactly the same game.

What’s the game all about, where did it all begin, and who plays it?

Let’s look into football and decide why so many of us love this game called soccer.

Could this be the greatest sports game ever invented?







It was England, in the mid 19th century, who transformed the game of soccer into what it is today. The laws of the game were invented at Cambridge University in the 1860s. They did not invent the game, as the Chinese claim to have played a similar game many Centuries earlier. The Greeks, Romans, and parts of Central America also claim to have invented the game. Whoever it was could never have imagined what it has turned into today.


The game consists of 11 players on each team. Each player has a specific position they play within that team.

Soccer is played by boys and girls, men and women of all ages.  It does not matter about your age or ability, it can be played by anyone.

This is a brake down of those positions.

No 1: This position is known as the Goalkeeper.  He is in the unique position of being able to use his hands. The only player on the pitch who is allowed to do so within the laws of the game.

No 2 & No 3: The right and left Fullbacks, or Wing Backs as they are known in the modern game. Defenders by nature, who play either side of the centre backs. These days they need to have attacking instincts too, as they are expected to get forward, high up the pitch and create goal scoring chances, from the wide positions for the strikers.

No 4 & No 5: The Centre Backs. They are defenders first and their aim is to stop the opposition from scoring goals. They are usually taller than the other players, as getting up in the air and using their head to clear the ball away is often asked of them.

No 6 & No 7 & No 8: These positions are known as the Midfielders. They play between the defence and attack. The need to have both attacking and defending instincts. Being fit in the modern game is a must for any player in the midfield.

No 9: This player position is the Central Striker. Their job is to score the goals and also create the goals for the rest of the team. They need to be good at holding the ball up, to bring the rest of their team into play.

No 10 & No 11: Known as the Wide Players or Wingers. They play either side of the no 9. They are attacking players, with the job of creating and scoring goals for their team.

As with most teams in the modern game players need to be flexible and play in many different positions.

For example the no 6 could play as a Sweeper behind the no 4 & no 5, as an extra defender. Also if the full back no2 & no 3 go forward to attack, then the no 6 from midfield could fall back into the defensive position to cover for that player.

These are the basic positions.  Modern teams have large numbers of players so you could see the no 58 playing in defence for example, this player is playing one of the positions as I have described earlier.  He is just wearing a different number.



The Game today is a global event.

According to a FIFA survey in the early 2000’s football was played in more than 200 countries by over 240 million people. WOW!  In every corner of this planet someone is kicking a football about.

Can you name another sport that can boast those sorts of numbers?

Television is now a major player in broadcasting this sport to the world. The 2018 world cup final was watched by over 900 million viewers.

Who knows how big this game will get in the future?

Internet Companies are streaming live games and have received the rights to show some big games.  There is an average of 3.2 billion people using the internet each day.  Staggering numbers.

No wonder this game has gone global and growing.



FOOTBALL FANS- The Heart Of Football


Yes players love to play the game but it has only become so popular due to the fans who follow their clubs.

Players come and go, so do team managers and owners.  Fans never leave their club, once you have a teams colours in your heart, then that’s it you are a fan for life.

Modern football owners, television and now Internet Streaming Companies seem to forget this sometimes because they are so driven by making money, they forget about the fan.  The person who pays their hard-earned money to watch their team play week in and week out, not to mention the club merchandise they buy!

The game would not be the same if players played in front of empty stadiums all the time.

No one singing the famous club songs, cheering on the players.  Shouting and clapping every moment of the game.

Football needs to remember this is the future.  The fans are the heart of soccer, without them the game is no more and just another sport with no life and soul.


It doesn’t really matter if its called soccer or football does it?

The game is global with millions of players and followers. People love the game and all the joy it brings.

It doesn’t even matter who invented it or who made up the rules?

I for one am just glad someone did, it brings me hours of fun playing the game of soccer, and watching the game of football.

Call it what you want Soccer or Football, in the end what’s in a name anyway?


Thank you for reading my latest blog on the beautiful game.

More like this on the way for you to read soon.

Please leave me a comment below and I would love to chat football with you.

Yours football madly





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