Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite (FG) Football Boots REVIEW – Can it make you run faster?

Product: Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite (FG) Hard Ground Football Boot.

Launched: 2018

Price From: £206.52

US Sizes: 41eu , 42eu, 42.5eu, 43eu, 44.5eu.

Colour: Multicolour.

Guarantees: Authentic Nike Gear Guarentee.

My Rating:

nike -mercurial- 360-elite (FG)


The mercurial Superfly 360 Elite (FG) Hard Ground, Product overview.

This boot is designed to fit your feet perfectly. The new Nike Flyknit technology is used which has advanced the way in which they make boots.  If your foot slides even 1mm inside the boot, then you will lose speed when running.

Fitting the foot is the focal point of the design in the making of this boot. This boot is made with game changing 360 technology.

The Mercurial Superfly 360 boot wraps around the entire foot, thanks to using the new Nike flyknit technology. This means that the gaps between the foot and the soleplate are eliminated.

“They fit perfectly. The 360 innovation – it’s perfect. They are comfortable and they look good, so they have everything”

A quote from Cristiano Ronaldo about the boots.

The boots are made for every size and every size is made with unique chassis designed to align with the expected bone structure of each foot size.

The Design Director at Nike, Jenongwoo Lee explains that ” he drew inspiration from the agility of cheetahs and focused on traction and speed.  He lovingly calls this boot the cheetah paw.  The front of the boot is built for accelerating in any direction and the heel studs help the player stop in an instant.”

Mr Lee also says” the boot underfoot is less like a hoof and more like a claw.”  This is because the underside of the boot has been redesigned, with traction and speed in mind.

The plush feel and uncompromising performance

This feeling of comfort can be noticed due to the advancements in the Nike All Conditions Control (ACC)

A thin layer used to be applied to the top of the finished Flyknit product, but now the ACC is embedded into the yarns prior to knitting.  This eliminates the skin, without compromising the performance or fit of the boot.

The result is a matte finish, that is softer to the touch, that can battle all the elements.

These boots have been made to look clean and very pleasing on the eye.

They have bold “M” on the heel.

The mercurial Superfly 360 Elite (FG) features a soft, one-piece internal lining, this is to reduce the number of boot components.

This design is for a streamlined and minimal approach.


Can It Make you Run Faster?

These boots are designed and built for the fastest players in the game.  They feature game-changing and experimental innovations.  Nike have been designing boots for over 20 years.  Mercurial 360 construction will soon appear across Nike footwear across other sports.

The future in football boot making is moving fast, could this be the start of the technology that drives us there?

Who will be wearing the Mercurial range of boots?

These boots are lightweight in design, they are made for fast runners in the game.

The list of names set to wear the Mercurial boot range is incredible, they embrace both the men’s and the women’s game, here a few names:

Cristiano Ronaldo,  Neymar Jr , Coutinho , Alves , Asensio , Hasard , Dembele , Heath, Isco, Kerr, Mbappe , Paulinho, Rapinoe, Sanchez, Sane , Saul to name but a few

The boot is available in either Soft Ground (SG), Soft Ground pro (SG-PRO), Firm Ground (FG), or Artificial Ground (AG) versions.

The SG version’s sole plate is fitted with six NikeSnap removable studs (now with molded plastic studs), which can be purchased in different lengths, for the first and second modes and traditional screw-in aluminum studs for versions 3 to 8, the FG version has seven moulded blades.

Made for hard ground.

Two things you may want to look out for when choosing this boot.

1: This boot is made for the hard ground, so if the ground is soft underfoot then it may not perform as well as a player would like.

2: It is also designed for fast runners in the game.  If you find you are lacking in pace, not that common in todays football world, you again may not feel the improvents in your game that these boots offer.


A boot made to impress.


Both the Nike Mercurial Superfly and Vapour 360 football bootsare made to fit like a glove.

This exquisite fit and the lightweight feel of the boot makes them an excellent boot for any player who is a fast runner. The player list who has embraced this boot should be testament enough.

Have there been many faster than Cristiano Ronaldo? He will be wearing them this season.

In conclusion this is an excellent boot, very well made. A sleek design created with the best of modern technology.  A perfect fit you may say.


In conclusion I would give this boot a 9 out of 10 rating.

The future of Nike Mercurial football boots looks bright in design and comfort, with the use of modern technology.

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