THE FOOTBALL THROW-IN – 3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Throw In

When the soccer or football has left the field of play, a football throw-in is used as a method of restarting the play. Are there any simple ways for you to improve your throw in?

The ball will go out of play either in the air or on the ground. The referee then blows his whistle to signal a throw-in has occured. Where the ball crosses the touch-line, is typically where the position of the throw-in is to be taken from, although we all know that players like to steal a few yards by moving forward while pretending to take the throw in.throw-in

The ball has gone dead, not in play, when a throw-in is given  so the player taking this is allow to use their hands.

The last player who touched the ball before it goes out of play gives the throw-in away. The opposition player now has control of the football from the restart.

This is a skill to learn in football. It is simple and when used correctly means your team can keep hold of the ball and launch a quick attack. To get it right take up a few seconds before throwing it.  Take your time and slow the game down if need be.

Here are a few thoughts i have had on how to improve the all imortant Football Throwing Technique.


What’s it all about?

What distance does the opposing player need to stand away from the player taking the throw-in? Any distance but no closer than 2 metres (2.2) yards, as long as they are stll in the field of play when the throw in taken.

When the player takes a throw-in they must be facing the field of play.

The thrower must have part of each foot on the touchline (the outside line around the whole of a soccer pitch) or both feet on the ground outside the touchline. Then the player taking the throw must use both hands on the ball and deliver it back into play from behind and over the head.

The ball is considered back in play as soon as it leaves the hands of the thrower.

One thing to remember is that a goal can not be scored directly from a throw-in, it has to touch another player when the ball is back in play.

If a player throws directly into their own goal, with no one touching it, then a corner is given to the opposition, and if you score a goal, then a goal kick is given to the Defending team.

Another key trick to remember when taking a throw-in is that your team-mate can not be offside when you deliver the ball back into play. Use this to your advantage, if you see your player free and clear on goal throw the ball to them quickly.



The long throw

lon-throw-inThis is a throwing technique where the aim is to throw the ball as far as possible into either the opposition half or into the goal area. It is used to get you team as far up the pitch as quick as possible, or a a dangerous attacking weapon to try and score a goal or at least create panic in the opposition defence.

It can be used similar to a corner kick. If the ball is delivered long and flat, and at pace into the Defenders area, it can cause them many defensive problems.

Try this:

When outside the pitch take about 5 steps back. Then run forward about 4 steps and have one long stride as you deliver the ball. In doing this plant your front foot solidly on the ground, propelling all your momentum forward. This will increase the speed at which the ball is released.

The Flip Throw

Have you ever heard of this type of throw-in?

It is a slightly odd looking way of throwing the ball back into play but it can be hugely effiective in delivering the ball at a faster speed than usuall.

How it works is the player has moved back as far as they can go off the pitch and are now ready to take the throw-in.

They start their run up at a precise point during the run up they plant the ball on the ground and flip their body over it.(Kind of like a somersault motion).  The momentum gained from the flip helps generate an increase in the power and speed of the throw.flip-throw-in

Two keys things to remember with this is

1: Make sure you are very confident to try this during a match, otherwise imagine having to watch it over and over if it went wrong.

2: Practice, practice and more practice, to avoid any injury.

Personally I prefer to stick to the traditional short or long throw-ins. They work just as well and you as a player feel more in control.


3 Ways To Improve Your Throw-In

1: Strengthen the lower back muscles. Yes everyone thinks you need powerful arms with big muscles, which may look good but the power comes from your momentum and movement, arching your back as you throw it.

2: Get your wrists more flexible. This gives you more spin on the ball. Try this for an exercise to help. Get a stick about an arms lengh, attach some string to the stick. (about a metre long). Using your wrists only, roll the string all the way out towards the floor the all the way back to the stick. Do this often daily and watch how the wrists loosen up.

3: Make sure you have good balance. If you are well balanced with your body then you will have more flexibility and control. You dont want to fall over while taking the throw-in.  Try closing your eyes then lift your one leg with bended knee, up to about hip high, while balancing on the other leg. See how long you can stand like this for. Now swap to the other leg. Keep doing this daily and you should start to feel more balanced.

Throw The Ball Back Please

The simple Football throw-in. You take the ball in your hands behind your head, bend your back and launch it with your arms in the direction of your team-mate. Sounds simple right! It should be but how often do we see a foul throw, The ball not going to a fellow team-mate but to the opposition. The ball thrown into an empty space with no player around.

Take your time get your self prepared, concentrate on the basics and away you go. This like many basic soccer skills just requires some practice.

Srengthen your lower back muscles, this will come over time. loosen up those wrists and get yourself balanced. 3 simple things to remember and you could be throwing the ball far and fast before you know it, becoming another attacking weapon in your teams quest to score goals.

If you have any questions about this topic feel free to ask me.

Please leave me any comments below.

Best wishes aand good luck practicing.







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