Firstly hello to you and welcome to our fun football site. This is my about me post just to introduce myself to you.

I write blogs about my passion football or as some of you call it soccer.  Let talk about the beautiful game 🙂

I am a business man, husband and father.

I Live the good & happy life and love talking about the game and also showing people how to build a business and work online.

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When I was a little boy, many years ago, I used to dream about playing football, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Thus began my obsession with all things football.

My playing days were unfortunately cut short due to injury and the dream of being a professional ended, but the game was in my heart and so I wanted to keep watching following, and learning all about football.

Years later I have found this wonderful platform at wealthy affiliate , where I can write about my passion, and where I can talk about all aspects of the beautiful game.

I have found that football is life and many people love it as much as me, and so I now talk about hot topics, give help and tips on skills, training, and ways to improve your game so that one day you will live the dream and also be obsessed about this wonderful sport.


The Fast Paced Game






The game has changed over the years, through players becoming more like athletes.

Wing Backs are as fast as 100 metre sprinters, running constantly from attack to Defence.

Midfielders need to have a massive engine from being able to use the high press in attack to getting back and defending their own box

Strikers are always pressing the ball now so you need to be on the move constantly.

It has become fast and furious, 100 mile an hour so players need to adapt and change.  Everything keeps improving from the diet, to the skill set a player needs.

My site looks to give players all the information to help achieve the level they want to achieve and success at.

Practice leads to perfection

They say in life the more you practice the luckier you get.

What I aim to do on this site is improve the way people play the game.

I want to give them some ideas and tips, training and help. To give them something to take forward and keep working on. Through observing, learning and practicing they can reach their best potential as a player.

It is also a site to discuss all topics related to the beautiful game, that we all love so much.

So feel free to look around the site.  Have fun and enjoy.


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please leave any questions or comments below about working online or if you just want to talk about football.

All the best




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