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Could the much loved table football game be a hidden gift to get a person who has everything?

Let’s take a look at what table football is and I will then show you the which are the best football tables I can find to review for you?

Table football is a fun game that is based loosely on football and is played by rotating little figures that are attached to a pole with a little football.

playing table football

playing table football

The aim of the game is to rotate the knobs on the ends of the poles and move the ball along the table and to out score your opponent just like a real football match.

In this review I will teach you about the history of table football and then show why this is a sport you never knew about, and why you could become a world champion in it.

The facts of table football

Nicknames – Table soccer, foosball, kicker

Teams – single opponents, two on a team, or four on a team

Mixed gender –  yes the game can be played by anyone

Invented in –  1921

International governing body – international table soccer federation

Olympic sport – no (could it be one day?)


The rules of table football

The game is about having fun so there are no unified rules for playing the game which means that the rules can vary between different Countries, different Cities and even between different Clubs.

Although when it come to competition time the governing body and that competition will specifiy the rules for that tournament.

baby foot

baby foot

How the game and sport is played?

A coin toss usually decides which team usually kicks off (serves) .

The game is started when the ball is passed (served) through a hole in the side of the table, or the ball can be placed by hand in the centre of the table.

The little figures on the mounted rotating bars are then used by moving the knobs at the ends of the bars by the players playing the game, to kick the ball into the opponents goal.


The size of the tables

They come in various sizes. The average typical size is about 120 cm(4ft) long and 61 cm(2ft) wide


What does the top of the table look like?

This is how it commonly looks but there are variation in Spain and South America ( where futbolin is commonly used or variants of this)

  • Rows 8 of little football figures (foosmen)
  • Made of metal, wood, or sometimes carbon-fibre figures
  • Mounted on metal bars.

Row 1 – the goalkeeper ( sometimes a table has 2 or even 3)

Row 2 – the defenders  – two in a row (sometimes 3)

Row 3 – the opponents attack  – three in a row (sometimes two)

Row 4 – the midfield- five in a row (sometimes 4 or 6)

Row 5  – the opponents midfield – five in a row (sometimes 4 or 6)

Row 6  – attack  – three in a row (sometimes 2)

Row 7 – opponents defenders  -three in a row sometimes (2)

Row 8  – opponents goalkeeper (sometimes a table has 2 or even 3)


Competition of the game

The game can be played by anyone. There are competitions all over the world, with some of them paying out decent sums of money. It can be fast and highly competitive.

Expert players have been know to move the ball at speeds of up to fifty six km/h (35mph)

Most players use their hands while holding the poles to spin the figure around, and using the palm of the hand to spin the bar around to move the ball forward is considered an illegal move.

The governing body ITSF was formed the rules have become standardized in most international competitions.

The Annual World Championships and the World Cup has the rules changed and have permitted and allowed two full 360-degree rotations of a foosball figure.

To win a game, one player or team must some a predetermined number of goals five , ten or eleven.

When playing Bonzini competitions, the number of goals is seven and players must win by at least two clear goals.

This is a fun game that can be played anywhere there is a table,  in pubs, the workplaces, at schools, at home with mates, I have even seen them on cruise ships. They are there in the background ready to be played.  With very few rules and easy to play why not have a go?

It is surprising to learn that there are many official competitions that are organised by a number of national organizations, that do have highly evolved rules and regulations Competitions of the game can be traced back to the 1940’s.

The professional tours and big money events began in 1976 when a  Mr Lee Peppard announced a quarter of a million professional table soccer tour. Now there are organisations who hold large money events throughout the world.

Events include the Annual World Cup Championships and the FIFA World Cup which is run annually. In France in 2013, 500 players from over  30 countries took part in the World Cup.

Let talk about the history of the game?

A man by the name of Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom Patented the game in the UK in 1921. But before that a similar type of table game was known to exist in Spain as early as the 1890’s.

Due to the popular nature of the game Mr Searles decided to invent a smaller version of the game that could be played  in peoples homes, he decided to call it foosball similar to football. Would you be surprised to learn the inspiration from where it came from was a box of matches!

The game was take to the United States in the 1950’s and reached its peak in the 1970’s where it could be found everywhere including bars and clubs.

In 2002 the international table soccer federation (ITSF) was established in France with a mission of promoting the game. It regulates and organizes the game and works together with the international Olympic committee (IOC) and the General association of international sport federation (GAISF)

For the full history of the game go here.


The top 10 high-end Table Football’s

( for a person who has everything, well not quite 🙂

1 – Stella Football Table Smartlineblack.

  • By Stella
  • Cost £3.899.00
  • Warning – for domestic use only
  • Children – should only use this product with adult supervision

Find out more about this product at Amazon now

About this product:

Stella is a French design of table football or baby football as they call it and they have been making table football’s since 1929.

They make their products with a sleek, sharp design so it will fit well into any modern interior.

This top of the range original piece has been designed by Stella with pure quality in mind.

It is made with an intent to last due to covering of Saturn paint all over the surface of it, this allows the product to be durabile and resistance.

You have the option of adding players in nickel or chrome , and could even add interior leds lights inside it, if you wanted it to light up at night.


2 – Flix Libero Classic – The high-end folding and mobile foosball table

  • By –  flix llibero
  • Cost – £3,235,00
  • Made in Germany

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About this product:

This quality made German football table has all the style of a professional tournament table. It is made with love and handcrafted with fine technical innovations. The cool thing about this product is it takes a mere three minutes to covert this into a small box with wheels that will fit in the boot of your car. You can therefore take it with you anywhere you go, even on holiday or to your mates next party. This table has classic elegant appearance due to  it being made with hardwood multiplex material. This Foosball table has received high praise from the professional players.

3- Stella Football table Champion Nature


  • By – Stella
  • Cost – £3,499,00

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About this product:

The champion is a famous name due to its unique construction on the sleepers, that will give any player comfort when playing with the rods and to move the players about.

The handles are reinforced for comfort with soft rubber dampers. It can be equipped with ashtrays for remembering yester year and can be fitted with interior leds lights for a night time soft light effect. The feet and the boat case are made in solid oak. an exceptional product, so well made that you will fall in love with.


4- flix Libero home – high-end folding foosball table


  • By Flix Libero
  • Cost £2,125,00

About this product:

Another handcrafted table with fine technical innovations. This table is perfect for having fun with as it is designed with a professional table in mind. The ball will run smoothly across the playing surface as it is built from a solid and robust base.  This table would look stylish in any room n the house.

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5 – Nikolaos Sports Greek Football

  • By – Nikolaos Sports
  • Cost £2,999,00

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About this product:

This greek made football table can be use for both professionals and for home use. The players are made from solid wood.  Made with unparralled high quality for rugged durable use. players are made from solid beechwood and come in red,blue,green, black and yellow. The handles are made of solid beechwood and the balls are made from solid stainless steel. also comes with a warning for domestic use only and only use under adult supervision.


6 – Stella Football Table Tooi & Moi Alu Brosse


  • By – Stella
  • Cost – £1,999,00

About this product:

Stella have been making quality baby foot tables since 1928 and this model is the jewel in the crown. Extremely stylish and slick looking. It has a reduced playing surface for a one on one player action. Leading to a more intense game. This unique and irresistible design can add style and become a feature of any room.

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7 – Export Coin Operated Marble Brown Football Table Glass Top


  • By – splash & relax
  • Cost £1,095,00
  • Free delivery

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About this product:

This table come with coin mechanism as standard. Some of the main features include aluminium legs, for a solid elegant look, 5mm thick playing field in tempered glass, and double chromium coated rods with handles in extra soft rubber. The tick glass on top is virtually unbreakable to prevent theft of the balls and to decrease noise levels when playing.

8 -Rene Pierre Football Leader

  • By – Rene Pierre
  • Cost£871,98

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About this product:

This coffee style baby foot table will leave you feeling all nostalgic. This famous brand name make quality products that are long lasting. Your will get accurate shooting thanks to linoleum playing mat. The minimum age to using this table is twelve years old. The table weighs 78 kg’s.

9 – Storm F-2 Weatherproof outdoor football table


  • By Storm
  • Cost £799,00

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About this product:

built to be resistant to wet conditions, corrosion, and outdoor damage. Made with a 19 mm thick thermoplastic resin which protects it from water damage. strong and stable wit anti slip rubber under the legs to stop the table from moving. The 11 aside players are attached to solid rods allowing for an exciting game to be played. suitable for 5 years and up. table weighs 76kg’s

10 – G-500 Pure White H2o con aste rientranti

  • By – Garlando
  • Cost – £856,93

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About this product:

The improved sliding on the rods on this table give the player and easy smooth feel when they play on it. This table suitable for ages 12 and up, and this product weighs 80kg’s in case you wanted to move it to a different room.

note : If those products seem way out of you price range please remember this is a review for  those who have everything and looking for that special gift.


For more affordable football tables: Find the full range of football tables at Amazon now

Anyone can be a Word Champion!

As the is a game can be played by everyone as long as you have the skills and a competitive spirit, the you can compete and who knows maybe win some major championships and possible become a world champion.

The door is open and if you are any good there is money to be made.

You need a fast eye to watch the ball, and quick hand speed. If you have never played before, I highly recommend you give it a try.

All you need to do is go onto their website and join the ITSF to  find out all the exact details.

It is fun to play and can keep you occupied for hours, you might even find yourself off the xbox or away from the tv for a few hours.

If you would like to leave me a comment on this review and topic then leave it below.

Thank you for reading my review.











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Tracy cole · 10/04/2019 at 7:37 am

This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are!

I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. This is a must for all sport lovers to read because it is highly educative and informative. Thanks for sharing

    Matthew Hofman · 10/04/2019 at 8:15 am

    Hello Tracy 

    That is very kind of you to say. 

    Writing this article took me back to when I was a child and getting a football table just like one of these. Loved it !

    Anyone can write and do what I do you just need to start and go for it. 

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. 

Adyns68 · 10/04/2019 at 7:35 am

WOW! I never knew people competed for this game. I love football in all shape and form, may it be this table game, beach football and more. You talked about the world championship, can I know which kind of table was used during the last one? and what are the advantages of using that specific table? Thanks

    Matthew Hofman · 10/04/2019 at 8:27 am

    Hi Aduns. 

    Thank you for the amazing comments. 

    Great question it depends on what you want to use the table for?

    If it just for fun then your standard tables will do. If you are looking to get competitive then you will need one that is made with a smoother playing surface, so the ball runs truer. 

    If it’s for a designer show piece in your home then these high-end products are best to look at. 

    Take care 

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