Let me show you what’s a keyword research tool for, and how to use it when you decide to use it on your football website or to write a blog about football or anything else that interests you.

The keyword tool I am talking about is called jaaxy.

It is the only keyword and research tool designed by affilite marketers for affiliate marketers.

get competitive

Time to get competitive and outscore your opponents!

Why is using keywords important to you when you want to write a blog about football or about your interest?

A large amount of what you need to do as an affiliate marketer is quite time consuming when it comes to your business and writing a blog, so if you can find a way of getting ahead of your competition and find a simple and easy way to do keyword and research, then your life will be made eaiser.

In one of my previous articles I showed you how to write a blog.

One of the main points of writing a blog is to get traffic from the internet to your website. This is where keyword and research come into there own and help you out massively.

This blog is going to show you one of the main ways in which you can do this, by using  keywords

If you can find the right ones and know where to place them within your blog you can find yourself on the first page of google,bing and yahoo with constant hits to your website. Success just like scoring a wonder goal.

What is a keyword?

Whenever you type words into any search engine online like google, yahoo, and bing those words that you use are called keywords.

Let’s say you type in “how to write a blog about football?” (these are your keywords)

If you have a way of finding out which words and terms are getting typed into the search engins, how many times people are looking for those words. Which words are getting used over and over again, the most hits. Then It will give you an advantage over your competition in your subject you write about.

When you use jaaxy as a keyword research tool you are getting the most advanced way of managing everything from keywords,research, to competition to boost your rankings and stay ahead of your rivals

Every day online there are over 500 million new terms being searched for, so you need a tool that can offer you uptodate accurate information about keywords, competition, and website information including domain names.

jaaxy keyword tool


Jaaxy is the only tool for the job.!

With this tool you will be able to discover all the keywords you will ever need to drive your SEO rankings to new heights.

What is seo? (search engine optimizer)

SEO is just what is says you want to find away to best optimise search engines and how they read your blogs.

Where to place keywords within your article?

To get the best success use the keywords you have researched in your title heading for your article and then place the same keywords in the first one or two lines of your blog post and thats it for keywords.

You can add one or two more throughout your article but it is not nccessary. The rest of the SEO is about looking at your overall content in connection with your choosen subject and the information you are taking about within that article.

Revealing hot niches made easy

The jaaxy tool gives you  a way of finding hot niches that have very little or no competition.

A niches is a subject that you want to write about, base your website around.

This tool has special platform buttons called brainstorm,affiliate search and alphabet soup within it, that wil alllow you to beat the competition with unique insight into new niches.

All the work is done for you, so you can just type in the words you want sit back and relax.

This power tool will allow you to search for anything you like within your chosen niche and easliy look for a new business idea.

spy on the competition

Spy on your competition & you can get the edge over them!

If you have ever wondered how you can keep and eye on your competition, and find out how and why their websites are doing better than yours, when it comes to rankings.

The jaaxy tools will give you unique insights and useful data. You can use this to check out your competitons content length, meta tags, how their content is structured, backlinks, where they place their adverts.

All the stuff your competition does not want you to know.

So now you can see how you can get the edge over them.

Don’t tell anyone about this secret from jaaxy .

Exclusive to jaaxy you will find something called Site Rank, it will allow you to monitor and track any rankings from google, bing and yahoo on any website.

It is a dream secret weapon for any affilaite marketer, blog writers, local marketers, anyone using the internet who wants to track how their website is doing. You can see any ups and downs and flow to and from your website.

You will be notified when acheiving any ranking withing google,bing and yahoo.

bags of money

Owning a domain name could earn you a fooballers wage!

With the jaaxy keyord research tool you can search for hundreds of .com.org.net Domain names. All with low competiton. Once you own any of them no one else can own the same domain name.

These domain names could be worth anything from a few hundred dollars up to thousands or even millions of dollars.

They can be found with every keyword search performed online.

So if you have the right training and know how on how to do affiliate markeing this could be very lucretive for you, if you can find the right ones to own.

Keep a clean sheet and beat your opponent!

If your opponent does not score during a football match, and you do, then you will win, so use jaaxy as a tool and a way of outscoring you opponents to win in businesses online.

As you can see from my unique review of the Jaaxy tool it can be pretty special to anyone venturing into the online world.

Sign up and use it the right way and to your advantage when doing research on you competition online.

Use all it’s unique features to gain the edge and all of your goals can be reached and achieved.

Don’t let your opponent dictate the play to you, get control of the ball and get outscoring your opponent.

Good luck and thank you for reading my take on the jaaxy keyword research tool.

Please leave you comments and questions below on this topic.

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Snap Brisk · 25/04/2019 at 9:54 am

I’ve heard about Jaaxy but was not sure how to use it and what this tool offers.

I thought it just a simple keyword research tool, so I am quite surprised to see all the features and to know that it has been developed especially for affiliate marketers. I am an Affiliate marketer, and currently using Google and SEMrush tools, but the results are not accurate and sometimes very confusing. Some keywords (in Google) have the statistic: 1.000 – 10.000 searches per month and says it’s easy to rank. The SEMrush tool will give you approximately the same result but will tell you that it’s hard to rank for that particular keyword.

I like the fact that Jaaxy is more accurate and can help you choose a “hot” niche as well as tracking your post’s rankings and compare them with the competition. What is your suggestion for improving the blog post if it performs worse then rivals posts? If I rewrite and enrich the content do I have a chance to perform better then the competitors? I will be glad if you can share your tips.

Does Jaxxy offer a free trial? I want to try this keyword tool.

    Matthew Hofman · 25/04/2019 at 12:51 pm

    Hi snap brisk. You get 30 free searches of keywords as a trial. 

    When you see how easy it is to use and all the benefits it can give to you working online, you will realise how essential it is for your business.

    It makes all those impossible tasks seem simple as it is all done for you. 

    Who doesn’t want to know what your competition is up to. 

    Good luck trying it out. 

    Thank you for the comment

    Best wishes to you. 

Josie · 25/04/2019 at 9:37 am

Jaaxy is a surprisingly simple tool to use to get great information and a super competitive edge over other similar websites. So simple to use, in fact, that even the most novice of search engine optimisation beginners can get great use out of it. I have only recently started using Jaaxy and it’s been an absolute godsend that I found it!

    Matthew Hofman · 25/04/2019 at 12:46 pm

    Hi josie I agree with you it’s so easy to use and can help you in so many different ways when you are working online. It can help you get ahead of the competition. 

    Any tool that makes your life easier and takes the hard work out of things is a blessing in my eyes. 

    Thank you for the kind message. 

    Take care. 

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