The Best Footballs – are they just full of air?

Which are the best Footballs to play or practice with?

In this review I have decided to look into the most important piece of equipment in the game of Football or soccer – the ball.

The best footballs- are they just full of air?

Everything involved in the beautiful game revolves around the simplest of things – the football ball.  The game does not really exist without it.

What would the players do, just kick fresh air about?

It is so much better to kick about some machine made material, that looks good, with some air in it.

Let’s look a bit closer at the football and find out if they are all the same or is one better than another?

Surely they are all the same you might be asking?

In some ways yes they are they are.  They are all designed round, made to specific sizes and standards and filled with air to inflate them.

In other ways they are completely different from the weight to the design, how they move?

Will you be using the ball to play outdoors or indoors? Will the ground be hard or soft?

No matter what age you are, you need a football to play football right?

Very true so this is my look at the top ten best footballs about for you to look at.

I will let you be the judge of which one is the best.

Sounds simple yes.

 Which football do I buy?


Firstly you need to make a decision and decide to buy a ball for practicing or playing with.

Great start you have made that decision, so let’s move on and choose a ball.

But wait!  What about the price?

You would think they are all the same because the ball is round. Think again.

Hundreds of different balls made by many different manufacturers means you guessed it, prices that vary from the very cheap to the very expensive. Why does the price vary so much?

It all depends on what material they use to make the ball?

What size is the ball?  Who manufactures the ball?  Who will the ball be used by?

Then you will need to think about this, do I want to keep buying a new ball often or do I want this ball to last me more than 5 minutes.


How long will it last?

For this you will need to look more into the specs of the ball to decide by who it is made by and what methods and materials they used.

Now this may help and give you more knowledge about the ball you choose but generally no one is really too bothered about all this stuff, they just want to kick it about and not be worrying that the ball will fall apart too quickly.

My rule of thumb is this one, if you go for a ball and manufacturer you have heard of and not be worrying so much about the price, then you will generally be getting the ball that best suits your needs.

A better made ball generally means better quality.

 What surface is the ball designed for?

Not all balls are designed for the same surfaces.

Decide whether you will be playing on hard or soft ground.

Will it be used on grass or Astro Turf?

Is the ball hard or soft to kick, this will be a factor to which ball is best used on which surface. The design and what materials the manufacturer use on the ball do make a huge difference as to how the ball performs on the various surfaces.

Quick note:

Make sure you buy the right size ball for you age group

  • size 5 is for 13 and older.
  • size 4 is from 8 to 13 years old
  • size 3 is for under 8’s

The football standard size

Yes there is a rule for that to within the laws of football.  All footballs must be made to specific standards so here is my basic explanation of the sizes for a standard football.

The size of a standard football is 22cm (8.65 inches) in diameter for a regulation size 5 ball.

The rules state that a size 5 football must be between 68 to 70 cm in circumference.

Making a football.

Have you ever wondered how a football is actually made?

watch this short video below and all will be revealed.


Very important to remember this:

Most footballs get delivered to you deflated so you need to make sure that you have a football pump on hand to fill them up with air.

Buy your football pump at Amazon here

Good now that all of that has been cleared and you know how a football is made, lets me get on with my review

This is my review of the best footballs to play with.

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1: Mitre EFL Delta Pro Professional Football

Buy from Amazon here Price from £60.00



Football players will find this ball is lightweight and easy to control.  It is a stylish and good looking ball. From the first kick of this ball you should notice that the ball plays beautifully. This ball is specially designed with hyperseams so the ball bounces and strikes like a dream when you play with it.

This ball is made and built with professional quality in mind. If you are looking for a ball that is made to last, then this ball is definitely one to look at. When playing with this ball you will find it picks up less moisture in the damp,  it is designed to be played with in different conditions.

This ball is the official Professional Football of the EFL ( the English Football League), it is stamped with FIFA Quality Pro mark of approval.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. This ball is designed to manipulate air-flow
  2. Unrivalled pin-point accuracy
  3. Professional ball
  4. The ball comes deflated
  5. Make sure you buy a mitre pump to inflate your ball
  6. Available in size 5
  7. Suitable for use on grass surfaces
  8. Free uk delivery


2:Brazuca official match ball size 5

Buy from Amazon here Priced from £599.95



This is the highest ranking FIFA match ball and is very rare and hard to find. This is the ball that was used in the 2010 world cup  Finals in Japan. A nice design and a sleek look about it, make it stand out from the rest. You will find out soon enough once you start to kick this ball about that it is designed for any serious player to improve their football skills. But does it actually work?

This ball caused many talking points during the world cup in Japan. This video below will explain exactly what I mean. Watch the best players seemingly unable to control the ball and the poor old goalkeepers could not seem to keep their hands on it.


Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. Delivered in a presentation box
  2. Very rare ball
  3. Highest FIFA match ball ranking
  4. Designed to help improve your football skills



3: Nike Ordem 3 PL-Unisex Ball, Yellow/Orange/Purple/white, Size 5

Buy from Amazon here Priced from £199.95


This football is a great match ball. You will notice the tacky sections all along the seams, they are designed to help improve your shots and passes.

The new Nike Technology used to make this ball means that you have precise touch and control of over the football.


Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. High contrast graphics for enhanced visibility
  2. Vibrant colour
  3. Super responsive for touch
  4. New Nike technology helps you see the ball faster
  5. Very precisely made
  6. Fast delivery on this item


4: Nike Strike Premier League Football

Buy from Amazon here Price from £16.29

This football is made to be used by youth footballers. When you strike this ball you will feel that it has the correct softness and balance within it to improve your game. It is made with amazing texture on the ball.

You can feel great quality when you pass this ball, it is a ball that will last, thanks to being  made with very durable material including rubber,polyurethane,polyester and EVA.  You may need to buy a pump as this ball might get delivered deflated.

Things to look our for with this ball:

  1. Made with Nike Aerowtrac grooves
  2. Has a 12- panel design
  3. The design gives it accurate ball flight
  4. Visual power
  5. The texture provides a great touch and feel to the ball
  6. Available in multiple sizes
  7. Size 5 ages 12 and up
  8. Size 4 ages 8-12
  9. Size 3 ages 8 and under



5: Adidas World Cup 2018 Football Professional Russia Adults Tournament Ball Size 5

Buy from Amazon here price from £19.99


This ball is perfect for all age groups no matter if you are young or old it will be fine for you to play with.

This football was used at the World Cup in Russia 2018. The classic panelled football design gives it a unique look.

This football is branded with the famous Adidas logo, which means it is made with the quality of any Adidas football.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. Professional Size 5 football
  2. Unique wider panel layout
  3. Not pumped up,this ball gets delivered deflated
  4. Buy a football pump to fill it with air
  5. Built to handle the demands of training
  6. Branded for the 2018 World Cup



6: Delta Hyperseam Match Football

Buy from Amazon here Priced from £21.99

This ball gives you good value for money but is not suitable for under 13’s. Delta is a good brand that make high quality footballs. If it’s raining or sunshine it wont matter to you when using this ball as it is well suited to wet and dry conditions.

Why not go and play with your friends on the artificial stuff as this ball is also suitable for Astro Turf.

When kicking this ball you will feel lighter and softer touch on the foot. This football has good traction on different surfaces.

You will be able to make the ball move when you want it to.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. Replica Hyperseam match ball
  2. Has the English Football league logo on it
  3. Low maintenance and high durability
  4. Delivers in play consistency
  5. The design gives increased speed accuracy and power
  6. Developed with a foam lining to improve comfort and control
  7. Revolutionary hyperseam technology
  8. Match ball delivered deflated
  9. Buy a mitre pump to inflate you ball
  10. Sizes available 5,4 and 3


7:Adidas men’s European Qualifiers official balls

Buy this ball from Amazon here priced from £20.99


If you are looking for a top match ball then try this one. You can feel the difference in your touch on the ball as it is made to have a more predictable trajectory when it fly’s through the air.

The unique processing material protects the design from wearing off. This ball gets a five star rating from all the customer reviews it receives.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. This ball has passed all the required FIFA tests such as weight and water absorption
  2. Designed for better flight through the air
  3. UEFA Europe League Logo is on it
  4. Provides player with a better touch
  5. Perfect for on the field performance
  6. Comes in a high quality storage box


8:  Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Match Football (old version)

Buy from Amazon her Priced from £16.38


This Football looks stylish. It is made to be slightly cheaper than some other balls.  When taking this ball out to the park you will notice it has good bounce in the ball.

Made from quality materials these ball tend to hold there shape all year round, therefore you should have no splits in seams.

You can feel the power and precision in your passing and shooting when you start kicking this ball  about.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. Popular hi-vis match ball
  2. Low maintenance and high durability
  3. Re-engineered with Hyperseam technology
  4. Delivers in play consistency
  5. Unrivalled aerodynamic control
  6. Marked with international match ball stamp of approval
  7. Enhanced in flight accuracy.
  8. Sizes available 5,4 and 3
  9. Suitable for grass ans Astro Turf
  10. Ball is delivered deflated
  11. Make sure you buy you mitre pump to inflate your ball




9:Nike Hypervenom React Soccer Football Ball

Buy from Amazon here Priced from £ 15.29


If you are looking for a great football to practice with then try this ball. It is very durable and is made with 4 different materials.

The design on this ball is completely different and it is visually striking. When striking this football you will find it has a true rotation on the ball due to it’s graphic design.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. 26 panel design
  2. Improved flight on the ball due to the design
  3. High contrast graphic pattern
  4. True rotation on the ball
  5. Great priced football
  6. Made with rubber, polyurethane, polyester and EVA materials


10:Nike Pitch team training football

Buy this ball from Amazon here priced from £9.70

If you need a high quality football then this is the ball for you. It is made to be lightweight and youth footballers can feel this when the kick it about.

This is a great training ball and is perfect for use during practice sessions. Highly recommended ball for all children and Grandchildren to kick about constantly.

Things to look out for with this ball:

  1. It has a traditional 12-panel design for accurate ball flight
  2. This is a machine-stitched ball  for constant use
  3. Hi-contrast graphics
  4. Visually striking ball
  5. This ball is delivered deflated so make sure you buy a ball pump
  6. Sizes available 3, 4, and 5
  7. 5 different colour variations available to purchase


This was my review of the best footballs.

There are many more balls out there that you may think should be on this list. Why not tell me which is your favourite and why?

I wish I could have included more but a top ten should give you more than enough information to get the ball rolling to help you seek out the ball you want to help you play and practice better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and let me know what you think of this review.

Please leave me a comment below and get involved in the discussion on this topic of the football ball.

Best Wishes



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12 thoughts on “The Best Footballs – are they just full of air?

  1. Thanks for this. I actually haven’t read anything about footballs for a while.

    Things have changed, we used to play with leather balls when I was still in school. I like the movie about the Brazuca ball. It’s fun how so many people blame the football for not playing good enough, it’s too round lol.

    Why are there no more leather balls around? If I’d buy an expensive ball for my grandkids I’d prefere a leather ball.

    1. hi Stefan  thank you for taking the time to message me. 

       I think the leather ball has disappeared as they were proving to hard to kick and header. Health and safety gone mad.

      Times have changed and the manufacturing companies are always looking to make the perfect round ball, although I am not quite sure how the ball can get any rounder.

      Best wishes


  2. My experience with ball, and I have quite a lot, is that cheap buy = expensive buy. I run a daycare with 3 footballing boys. And when I buy balls in cheap retail shops, they are one-time balls. Within an hour they are back from the field. In no-time and the ball is flat. Of course, the Brazuca official match ball is way to expensive for my purpose, but the Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Match Football would do fine! Thanks for this football ball review, Matthew.


    1. Hi Loes.  Thank you messaging me about this article.  I agree with you about buying a cheap football.

      You do not want to buy a ball that is too cheap, as you will end up buying a few more balls, as you will need to keep replacing the ones you have to throw away. 

      I remember those days at daycare kicking a ball about, moaning when the ball went flat and having no means of pumping it up.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading my review. 

      Take care and best wishes to you


  3. Wow! I didn’t know so much went on in creating a football. I always thought they were pretty much the same, except from plastic balls and leather balls…

    This articles was an eye opener and I really liked the video. I have a few soccer friends that I’m gonna impress with my new knowledge next time we meet up. 🙂

    1. Hi Laura.  I am so pleased you took the time to read this review.

       Your friends will now think you are a football guru with your new found football knowledge.:) Glad I could help.

      It surprises many people how they make a football. It always makes me laugh that they are trying to make the ball even rounder. Surely once its round its round.

      Take care

      Best wishes


  4. Hi Matthew,

    I did not know that there were differences between footballs, my assumption was that they were all the same but just had different decorations. I am new to football and wondered if you would be able to tell me which is the best football for a beginner? Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this review 🙂

    1. Hi Celeste.  For a beginner I would look at a practice football.

      One that will have continuous use while you are learning to improve your skills. 

      Take a look at number 10 on the review the Nike pitch team training ball. It is reasonably priced and would work well for a player new to the game.

      I am pleased you enjoyed this review. Thank you for reading it and for leaving me a comment.

      Best wishes


  5. Hi mathew,

    as a football fan, I enjoyed your article. No one ever thinks about the ball and which one to buy! you just get the pretty one with air! 

    Did you know pakistan is the number 1 producer of footballs for the world?

    I’m so glad I found your blog, ive bookmarked it! 

    1. Hi Tarun. Thank you for bookmarking my site and for taking the time to message me.

      Yes it so true no one every really thinks about the ball but the game of Football could not be played without it.

      I did not know that about Pakistan, as people always say everyday is a learning day.:)

      Best wishes


  6. In all honesty I didn’t know that there are so many designs and materials being used. I think most casual people just buy the ball that looks better to them but from your article there is more to a soccer ball than just looks. Thank you for the very interesting information. Next time I will buy a new soccer ball for my boys I will know better what to look for.

    1. Hi Stratos K. That is a recurring theme from people messaging me, that they didn’t know there was so much that goes into making a football.

       I am glad I could help with some new knowledge about this.

      Trying to buy the best football for children is not easy as you need to find one that will last more than 5 minuets.

      There are a few footballs on this review that may help you when you need to choose a new ball.

      Thank you for leaving me a comment

      Best wishes


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